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This is easy and fun to do! All you have to do is:

Melt: melt the chocolate
Fill: fill the indents of the mould
Chill: place the mould in the fridge and when the underside of the mould appears to be frosted the chocolates are ready to be de moulded.
Unmould: pop the chocolates out of the mould

The chocolates can be stored in an air tight container and keep at room temperature. It should stay fresh for up to 5 weeks.

Making chocolates with nut centers
Nut filled chocolates are always a favourite and very easy to make!

  • fill each mould cavity half with chocolate and tap to eliminate air bubbles.
  • Place a nut in the centre of each cavity and fill to the top with chocolate.
  • Refrigerate the chocolates until firm and demould them.

Making chocolates with cream centers
much easier than you can imagine!

  • fill each mould cavity half with chocolate and using a decorator’s brush paint the coating onto the sides of each cavity to the top edge.
  • Coat the sides till you cannot see light through the shell.
  • Place the mould in the refrigerator to harden.
  • form a small ball with the crème center and place it in the middle of the chocolate shell.
  • fill the cavity to the top with melted chocolate and tap lightly to release all air bubbles. Un-mould and enjoy!

Crème center
2.5 cups of sugar
500ml milk
500ml cream
2 tablespoons of butter
Pinch of cream of tartar
Half teaspoon of flavouring i.e. almond, hazelnut, brandy, strawberry etc
Half cup of chopped nuts if you like.

  • place the sugar, milk, cream and butter in a large sauce pan and add the cream of tartar.
  • stir constantly till the sugar is dissolved and mixture is almost boiling.
  • clip on a thermometer and cook with out stirring till the temperature reaches 235 degrees f.
  • remove from the heat and pour onto a marble slab.
  • allow it to cool till it is comfortable to touch.
  • add the flavouring and nuts if you like and work the mixture till it becomes white and thickens.
  • make small balls that can fit into the shells.
  • wrap the rest of the mixture in clear plastic and cover with a damp cloth.

Makes about 60 centres.

Shells and cordial cups
making desert or liqueur cups is also easy!

  • fill the mould of you choice half full with molten chocolate and using a decorator’s brush paint the sides with chocolate till no light can be seen through the shell.
  • refrigerate till firm and demould the shells
  • now you can fill them with your favourite fillings i.e. mouse, liqueur (use it as a cup), ice cream etc.
  • Layered and marbelized chocolates
  • melt different colours of chocolate i.e. green, red and white for christmas.
  • pour a layer of the 1st colour of choice into the cavity – refrigerate – pour the next colour of choice and then the next

if you would like to marbilize these chocolates just draw lines in the cavities with the layers to create a marbled effect.

painting chocolates
red label colours are mixed into icing and chocolate and worked into fondant paste. It can also be mixed into paint base to paint detail on to chocolates.

Mix a bit of powder into the paint-base and use a decorator’s paintbrush to paint detail onto the chocolate like the eyes, beak and tie has been done below. The rest was coloured chocolate painted into the mould. A painted area like the orange part of the carrot must be allowed to set before the green part is painted into the mould. Once all these painted areas have set you can fill the rest of the cavity with chocolate. Allow it to set and demould.

Large areas of colour should rather be painted onto the mould before the chocolate is poured i.e. paint, and allow to set, father Christmas’s red coat onto the mould before the rest of the chocolate is poured into the mould.
pink label and white label colours are used to dust on to chocolates or cakes to give it a pearl/satin like finish.
it can be applied with decorators brushes of different sizes depending on the effect you would like to achieve i.e. cover the cake with colour or just an area.

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